IDK what to do

liz asked 2 years ago

Sooo, my boyfriend and I have known each other for 4 yrs. And have been dating for 2 &1/2. We have lived together for a yr and everything has been amazing. Until we started working on buying a house this past year. Everything is written out and all we have to do is make the down payment in a week. But ever since this he has been flipping back and forth. Mentally messing me up. One day he loves me and I shouldn’t worry to the next day he thinks we should split up. He says mean and hurtful things out if nowhere. I always ask why ? What have I done to you. I know your scared so am I but we love each other and see this future together? He says yes he does but when something doesn’t go his way he always resorts to threatening our relationship. I have had a sorted oast. I’ve dated liars cheated veaters you name it. The two serious relationships before him we’re just that. I believe she has been faithful and he has bever beat me. But he says such hurtful things. It really upsets me and when I confronted him he acts like nothing is wrong!? Should I leave because I have tried everything I can think of. He says he doesn’t care and why don’t I just leave him. I know he has been cheated in repeatedly and he knows I would never do that and I have a similar past of neglect. What do I do?!?!