I still have feelings for my old college crush. Is it too late to do anything?

Relationship Questions and AdviceCategory: QuestionsI still have feelings for my old college crush. Is it too late to do anything?
Steven asked 11 months ago

Over 2 years ago. When I was in college, I met a girl I had a real connection to. She was smart, cute as a button, had a lot of common interests with me, I honestly think she may have been “the one” but I never took the initiative. I liked her. A lot. After 2 years, we’ve gone our separate ways. We haven’t talked at all, but I still have feelings for her. Strong feelings. I have always regretted it and honestly want to make things right between us. I want her to know how I felt.
Here’s how we met. It was my first year of college, there was another couple group of friends i used to hang out with in high school. They were sitting in the lobby, talking. So i joined them. She was with them. One of our friends introduced us, and said she was new in town and didn’t have many friends here. We talked a bit and the next day, i saw her again, so i went up and said hello. We talked for a bit, and every day after that we would talk to each other, sometimes up to a half hour.
We were very similar. Seriously, like scary similar. It really felt like i met, like, a duplicate of myself. Except, you know, female. We were similar in a lot of ways, similar values, hobbies and even similar personalities. Plus, neither of us drove. We both got picked up by somebody. We also hate tomato, yet love ketchup and spaghetti sauce and pizza. The only difference I ever really between us was that I like anime and she doesn’t. The biggest part for me, however. Was politics. You see, i am a conservative. That’s just how i’ve always been. Now, i’ve always heard about how left leaning college campuses are. I never honestly expected to run into another conservative. especially one so incredibly vocal and active about their beliefs.
I started to like her, she might have felt the same for me, i don’t know for sure though. I saw a few signs, nothing certain, but still. I know she always laughed at my sense of humor. I have a very weird sense of humor, i think it’s called dry humor, but i make a little “quip” about almost everything, and most people think it’s bizarre or stupid. It’s gotten me a lot of weird looks, but not her, she always bursted out laughing whenever i would. I’ve never really was able to make anyone laugh like that. And some of the things i said were really stupid. Our first meeting, we only learned each other’s first names. The next time we met, i learned her last name. Her last name is also that of a celebrity and i just said “Any relation to (that celebrity)”. Laughed like crazy, she asked me for mine, i told her mine, she said something about it, like what country of origin it is because i have a fairly unique last name, it’s german, then i just said “Hey, maybe next time, we can learn each others middle names” more laughing. My celebrity impressions also got a kick out of her. Then there was the time a celebrity died, she was on her phone and said something about it, and I just remarked “well, looks like Hillary just got another vote”. But, i think most i’ve ever made her laugh was a joke i made. It was something about Hillary Clinton and having something fall on her. I just said “If that happened, i wonder if her feet would curl up and slink back under it.”
Yes, my quips were stupid, but they got a laugh out of her. Every time. Everyone else gets weirded out and annoyed by my humor, but not her. They always got a laugh out of her. And I enjoyed making her laugh, she always had this cute laugh, which she’d snort. That’s the only sign I ever got from her, well that and she always tried to high five me and shake my hand if that means anything.
Anyway, we were also both somewhat shy people, so i never made a move, she didn’t either. And for 2-3 days a week for almost a year, we talked every time we saw each other, not just saying hi as we passed each other, but we would sit in the lobby together after class, talking as we waited for our rides to come to pick us up, which sometimes took up to a half hour. Every day, she’d talk to me, just me until her sister picked her up. About life, some favorite interests we had in common. It was really nice and I actually looked forward to it. Then there was the last day before Christmas vacation, I sat at a table, we sat at the same table and talked for almost an hour before her family came and got her. Exclusively me. She didn’t glance at her phone, except to call her family that class was over (we had our final exam that day), but it took only about 20-30 minutes and class was generally 3 hours).
We had the same math class my first semester, but the second, however, we didn’t. Our paths just crossed because we had the same schedule. I mean, I had a girl, with whom, I had a solid connection with and saw every day. But I never did anything about it. My first semester, I didn’t know her as well as I did the day before Christmas Break. I thought that would be it, but the next year we had a similar schedule again. I still didn’t do it. I wanted to, but I just couldn’t formulate the words to do it. I’d always freeze up before I could do it. I just kept telling myself “next week, I’ll surely do it next week” but weeks turned to months and before I knew it, the semester was over. She was gone the next year. She transferred to a university (it was a community college). And my chances were lost forever. I never saw her again.
She was smart, she was cute, she’s one of the few people I’ve met who actually really liked my sense of humor, she always wanted to talk to me and even approached me on her own, she seemed interested in me and I just let her get away.
i kind of miss her, and still, honestly, have some feelings for her. I am friends with her on Facebook, but have never messaged her. I mean, over 2 years has passed since that time. Since we’ve talked or communicated whatsoever. I really miss her, and letting her slip by it definitely one of my biggest regrets. In the time, she’s graduated, but she hasn’t posted anything about a boyfriend, getting married, or anything. She posted about how fun her summer was, but everything she posted was with her sister. I still have some slight hope that maybe I still have a shot at rectifying things, but she probably doesn’t remember me anyway. I haven’t even bothered trying.
Tl;Dr – I used to like this girl but I was too shy to make a move, she felt like she may have been the one, plus I feel she felt the same way to me, I really want to tell her but after 2 years I am not sure it would be a good idea