I Feel Something Is Off or Is it Just Me? – I Really Need Advice!

Relationship Questions and AdviceCategory: CommitmentI Feel Something Is Off or Is it Just Me? – I Really Need Advice!
Lana asked 9 months ago

I have been in a long distance relationship with my boyfriend for almost 2 years. Things were really great in the beginning, we both tried very hard to help each other through it. He gives me surprises, I give him surprises and we both made each other feel really loved. Our first holiday together I noticed that he checkout girls in a very uncomfortable way, like an owl that can turn its head 270 degrees, his eyes just followed the girl to where she walk and when he is done with her, his eyes moved on the the next girl. I am average attractive and i do get stares from guys as well so I don’t think I’m ugly but the way he stares at them made me felt undesirable and un attractive. I spoke to him many times about it before in a nice way. He did tried at first to look lesser but after that back to full force again.

We usually have arguments about thing some involves me crying but we manage to muggle through it. Lately i noticed that he has not been loving/warm, I don’t get kisses/hugs anymore, he doesn’t say he loves/miss me. When i tell him im feeling cold he ignores me and doesn’t offer his jacket, when he does he throws it on me (not sincere about offering the jacket). When i ask him what is wrong he says nothing is wrong and i am over thinking things. I noticed a drastic change in his behavior so it made me really worried. He’s also on his phone all the time when we are together and we only see each other once a month. I guess i made the mistake of pushing too hard to find out what is wrong until I finally decided to stop asking. 

I don’t know if he is bothered by something but don’t know how to tell me or he just find this relationship difficult but don’t know how to end it. 
I tried to give him space, give him time, stop badgering him about what is going on, tried to be more nice but nothing seems to be work. He is unresponsive.
I really do want us to work but it came be everything my fault or falls on me to fix it but im willing to listen to an advice on what i can really do to help us get pass this gap. I know us girls can be master of overthinkers but it’s not only the thinking, I can observe from our interactions, connections something is off. Can someone pls help me?