I dont know to do

Melanie florea asked 2 years ago

I \’ve been with my boyfriend 2 years..he was all in in the beginning man of my dreams and slowly stopped to the point he wants to sex or intimacy or conversation.2 nights ago he shared with me he never wants to get married .it s not me he says and he loves me..I feel heartbroken and crushed by all this.I need some suggestions to figure out staying or going.I love him very much seems we want different things 

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Tabitha Pratt answered 2 years ago

I am super sorry to hear that you are heartbroken. 🙁
You and he want different things, and that is OK, but now you know that this guy is not the right one for you. What you need to do now is stop sleeping with him or being intimate in anyway. This is for your protection. You will need support to continue to pull away from him at this point. Get your girlfriends, sisters, mother, etc. to all assist you. 
You have bonded with him due to your oxytocin that is released through orgasms, and sexual contact. The sooner you stop all contact, the better.
You must go honey. Trust me there will be another one.