I believe he is narcissistic but not sure

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Carla Kelley asked 3 years ago

My ex and I were married for two years, got divorced because he moved in with a girl.they talked of marriage but he backed out, and came back to me.i took him back because I was under his spell, then he went back to her.  A few months later, he chased me down only to have me move in with him, and then found another girl, and made me move out. All this time he kept messaging me and saying he was going to kick her out but didn’t do it. She left him for another girl.  We tried again, and then he found another girl, and we split again.each time less hurtful for me. This last time he told.me he knew I was the perfect.girl for him and was talking about our future together, and then all of a sudden. Guess what?  He went back to the ex he broke up with before me.  Now, looking at the situation, you should see that he keeps going back to the exes, and I thought I was special, but now I know he used me..Everyone says he will come back and try again, but can you see a pattern, and if so, do you think he is a narcissist?  Of so, I know I should leave his life for good..I just don’t know if I can stop loving him and trying to have faith that he will realize what he is doing..Do I have a chance at all or am I deceiving myself?  Thanks!