Cat asked 3 years ago

I lobe Doug but he has a problem reciprocating hugs when I try to show affection .he shows he want to get close but hesitates or is afraid I’ve been close with him for 10 years.why is this such an issue reciprcatin of a simple hug

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Tabitha Pratt answered 3 years ago


Doug doesn’t know what he is missing!
If you have a masculine male on your hands, and you are intiating affection first, this could be the problem. It can seem to men that you are attempting to extract something from them that they are not ready to give.
The next time that he gives you any type of affection, tell him how much you like and appreciate it. Really exaggerate this! His brain will associate him giving you affection with a pleasurable \\\\\\\” reward\\\\\\\”. Let him know how good it makes you feel, how juicy and wet you get, how turned on it makes you, etc., when he hugs you back.
Remember to always \\\\\\\”stroke\\\\\\\” him first ( with your words and admiration). Let him know that you miss his hugs.
In general, asking for what we want is a masculine trait. Stick to your feelings and don\\\\\\\’t wants.
Sending you a big virtual hug!