How to tell if your being scammed.

Relationship Questions and AdviceCategory: CommitmentHow to tell if your being scammed.
Dj asked 7 months ago

I was married 33 yrs, I felt lonely so I excepted a friend request from a man on FB said he was widowed. With two small children. We started talking things were going good, now after a year of talking to him, I asked him to send me new pic of him and what he’s doing and he says no he did send me a few pic of him and of the kids.long story short I’m now talking to another man from a dating site. Both men say they are in love with me and want to marry me I’m not a spring chick anymore, but look and act like I’m in my 40’s so how can I be sure I have a real honest man, or am I being scammed? This is my first time trying to date in over 45 years any answers?