How to talk to men?

Maya asked 9 months ago

I have been separated for two years  and I haven\\\’t had sex for the past five years . I met a younger guy ( bartender) at a bar  and was very attracted to him … He gave me his phone number and I\\\’ve been having so much fun for the past three months  texting him …just teasing and flirty conversations .It took my mind away from Mediation and lawyer appointments and he was full of compliments and eager to have sex. I finally gave up and decided to experience this,, and I knew it\\\’ll be the end of it….I texted him the next day that I had fun and he is patient and quite a gentleman… He texted back the next day that he had an amazing time and he can\\\’t get me off his mind.I think I lost it when has asked me to go out..I replied oh really ? when do you want to get together ??  He replied maybe Saturday…. I texted on Friday are we still going out my friends want to make plans with me …. he  replied go ahead make plans I\\\’m busy…….I texted him the next day I meet and talk to a lot of people but you keep coming into my mind and it\\\’s crazy because I have nothing in common with you …..I haven\\\’t heard anything back for one week  now.I really like the texts back and forth  and the intimate time we had was amazing ….I just want to have fun…I\\\’m not ready for relationship and this guy is young and fun ,,,,,,I think i looked like I \\\’m too obsessed …..I was very surprised when he texted me back and wanting to go out with me ….so is this over ???