How to move on?

Christine N asked 1 year ago

I was dating a guy for two months before he broke up with me. When we started dating after almost two weeks he had already called me his girlfriend and I met some of his family members and some friends. The things was that, we would only see each other either at his place or mine and in total only went on 3 regular dates outside in the world. We used to talk a lot in the beggining but slowly but surely he started texting less and claimed that he was very stressed with work. This got a bad turn when I suggested that perhaps we should take a break as he seemed unhappy, but wouldn’t want to discuss with me what was bothering him. My suggestion seemed to make him angry as he started calling me drama queen and emotional, even though I told him in a calm manner. Afterwards, he dissapeared for a few days and later broke up with me via text.

What I want to know is that is this a thing that some guys do when they are never serious about you? I really cared about him as he was my first real boyfriend. I want to know if it is possible that I did something wrong to trigger such a change in his behaviour. Since he broke up with me via text, I feel I never got to fully understand what happened and I am still hurt. What is your input?