How to know if he's being sincere

Relationship Questions and AdviceCategory: Is He Right for Me?How to know if he's being sincere
Julia asked 3 years ago
  1. Hi. I recently went on the roller coaster that is Internet dating. I\’m a complete amateur at Modern dating. I\’m 33 and have a 10 year old daughter. After splitting with her father after a 5 year relationship, I had some time on my own to get over it and  figure out what I wanted. I joined Tinder and after chatting to a few men, I matched with a guy. We seemed to hit it off immediately. We arranged a date and it was great, he said he\’d never experienced sparks like that on a first date, he\’d had a few Tinder dates. I couldn\’t believe how well it was going. I told him from the start that I wasn\’t into casual six and he waited until I was ready. He messaged all the time, we had a second date which was also amazing and I thought I\’d found a decent, funny, hard working man. He said he wanted me to be his gf and I was excited as he told me there was something between us he hadn\’t felt for a long time. It was our 3rd date, we slept together and the next morning he text to say what an incredible night it was. I suggested shopping the following weekend as it was approaching Christmas, he said it sounded a nice idea and asked what day I\’d like to do. I replied saying if he wanted he could stay over first and we could go shopping the following day. Then, nothing, he ghosted me. I was heartbroken and shocked. I\’d never experienced anything like it. I sent 3 messages asking him to at least tell me what happened and nothing. A few weeks went by and I asked him for advice about something, not knowing if I\’d get a response. He replied, amazingly. After that we texted a bit, I know it sounds weird but I missed him. He told me I deserved to be treated better than he had and he thought about me a lot. We ended up meeting up and he said he would like to date again. Which we have. I just feel anxious that the same thing could happen. Do you think I should give him a second chance?