How to get him to leave his wife

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Elisa asked 2 years ago

When we met we were both married. We tried not to but fell in love. In the meantime his wife had a baby and I got divorced. We’ve always talked about being together. Now his son is 1 and understandably he is having second thoughts. He says he is miserable but stuck. His wife threatened to tell the baby that daddy left them and threatens him with taking the baby when she finds out about us (yes, she has found out multiple times). Is there anything I can do to move him along or should I give up and leave him alone? 

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Tabitha Pratt answered 2 years ago

Boo! What a tough situation!
Messing with married males are never a good deal for the female and rarely do these men leave their wives. Nor their children. Unfortunately, You are the mistress. 🙁
He very well may be miserable, but he is choosing to stay with her and I’m sure he has good reasons to stay. We could speculate all day, but what we need to do now is get you back in a good space. You just went through a divorce and now this. You will need time to heal.
The biggest mistake was getting involved with a married man. The next mistake was giving up sex before you received anything from his first. Third mistake; believing that sex would make a man fall in love with you. Forth mistake; believing he would leave his wife.
I’m glad that you are asking this question because it sounds like you have had enough. I support you giving up and leaving him alone. If he decides to divorce his wife, come after you, and if you are available then maybe we have a place to begin. The divorce process itself can take a couple of years. Please keep that in mind.
In the meantime, go out with any male who asks you. It will help rebuild your self esteem. Also, do things that make you happy!
I really wish you the best and know that you will make it through this. I promise.