How to get back the attraction after he pulled away and I reacted badly

Relationship Questions and AdviceCategory: Make Him Fall in LoveHow to get back the attraction after he pulled away and I reacted badly
Linda asked 1 year ago

I am 34 and I thought I finally found the guy of my dreams and I mean it, I have never met a guy that kind and amazing as him and never was so sure about wanting future with him. We have been together almost two years and we moved together only after 6 month knowing each other. But considering he was so sure about us and our future together I was happy about it. Last two month he started to pull away (probably the first romance stage of relationship wore off as well and as it is the his first long term relationship he is not quite aware of it and doesn’t really believe in it). I reacted in the worst manner. Probably because of my previous disastrous relationships I made drama out of each time he demonstrated me less affection then before. We argued a lot, I was all the time stressed he will stop loving me and eventually that exactly what happened. Last week he told me he is not sure anymore about us. He doesn’t feel the same any more, he has lost attraction and thinks of breaking up.
What should I do? Right now we are kind of in an avoidance stage where we don’t talk about it. We are nice in public, but not that affectionate at home. We have no sex or cuddling. He is very busy working and I am stressed and unhappy and overthinking all of our interactions and scared he will leave me any moment. I am trying to give him space, do more my own staff, be easy going and relaxed when we are together, but considering he is always working and we don’t spend much time together anymore I am not sure he has noticed. Considering I showed him all my insecurities and red flags (even harmed myself in the moment, asked him directly why he doesn’t talk about our future together anymore, was hysterical about little fights), after all this I don’t think he values me anymore. 
Despite all of this I really believe in us and love him. And that makes me so unhappy that we could have been so much more and now we might break up even without a really seeing our potential. Do you think it is possible to make him feel attracted to me again? Please give me an advice how should I proceed to have a chance in winning him back?