How to ask "what are we?"

Felicia Segan asked 3 years ago

How do you ask someone your dating the “what are we?” question or are we exclusive with out scaring them off

1 Answers
Tabitha Pratt answered 3 years ago

Hi Felicia!
Never assume you are exclusive with a male until he asks you! Keep your dating options open until it is offered by a guy. He will want to take you off of the market for himself if he is interested in more. You will know if a man wants to court you or any of the below.
Keep in mind that there are several different styles;
Just friends
FWB (friend with benefits)
Casual Dating
Serious Dating
Courting ( marriage is the intent)
Did I miss anything?
Where do you fall?
Its okay to find out what a guy is looking for.  Here is the key, when he answers you, you MUST BELIEVE HIM!