How long should I wait before I ask her to be my GF?

Relationship Questions and AdviceCategory: CommitmentHow long should I wait before I ask her to be my GF?
GUSTAVO asked 1 year ago

So I met this Beautiful Brazilian girl on a dating app OKCupid that just came to America a month and a half ago to study and improve her English. She is 24 and I am 27. We talked a few weeks online and on whatsapp before we met in person on our first date nine days ago. We had our first Date on Saturday May 18th in which we went to an Italian restaurant and the date only lasted 3 hours since she was very tired but we had a great conversation and good chemistry. I asked her if she was only looking for friendship and if she was open to finding love on our drive back since her profile on the dating app said she wanted to meet friends. She told me she wanted to get to know me first, then be friends and if it leads to a relationship she would be open to it since it is in her opinion the best way to have a healthy relationship.

We had our second date on Friday May 25th and this time we went to see a movie “Deadpool2” and we had a blast. The movie was such a funny one and I don’t usually enjoy comedy movies. I didn’t make a move or hadn’t even held her hand at this point because I was a little nervous and I really like her. Movie ended at 1am and I took her back home to her host family house(she is here as an Au Pair) as I was about to pull off she came back to my car and told me that she “forgot the house keys and that she didn’t want to wake them up at 2am to open the door for her so she wanted to know if she could spend the night with me”. I knew at this point she liked me enough to want to spend the night with me. It was pretty obvious at this point. So we went back to my place and we ended up cuddling and kissing till 7am. I didn’t push any further since it was only our second date and I respect her and like her too much. I took her home at 9am. When she woke up at 4pm she texted me she wanted to meet again and even suggested ideas so we had our third date on Sunday May 27th.

On our third date (Sunday May 27th) we went for a walk in the woods in which we had a nice conversation as we held hands and enjoyed the heat and sunset. She looked amazing in her mini skirt and jewelery. We had deep conversation in which we talked about our goals and even struggles we had faced in the past. We then decided to go to the movies again but this time we didn’t even watch the movie. We just cuddled and kissed the entire time lol. After the movie we had pizza at 1am and then we talked in my car. I asked her what her top three wishes were for this year and none of them included love. She asked me for my top three wishes and one of my wishes was to find love. We then talked about us and she said she wasn’t really looking for a relationship as of now. That it was hard for her to trust because the one time she did try and trust she found out her ex had been lying to her all along and had another gf at the same time. Plus she didn’t know if she was going to stay in America or go back to Brazil next year on top ofb this only being our third date.

After talking in the car for an hour we agreed that she would want to get to know me better before deciding if she was ready to trust again and be in a relationship. I asked her if she wanted to come over to my place again and she immediately said yes because she likes me and spending time with me. So we came to my place and again we cuddled and kissed for hours. This time she teased me non stop. She sat on my lap and grinded on me and we got really excited and couldn’t stop kissing and holding each other. She looked and moved in such an amazing way. I have never been so turned on without actually having sex. I tried to go all the way but she said it was too soon but that next time when we meet for our 4th date. we could do it. I wonder why? Is this typical? Is she trying to build desire in me? Is this a good sign? We basically kissed and cuddled till 10 am which is crazy. She told me she loves hugging and kissing me and that she could NOT keep her hands off me we agreed to go on a 4th date again Friday. Oh and to add to details she told me I am the only guy she has met in from the dating app and that she only replied to me on the dating app because she likes how I messaged her and ignored everyone else. I kind of believe it and took it as a good sign she told me this.

Today Monday May 28th she texted me as soon as she woke up and we are excited to meet again for our 4th date in a few days. How should I go about getting this to become a serious relationship? I know it’s soon but I don’t want to mess up. Plus she has been single three years. Is having sex with her on our next date (our 4th date in a few days) a good idea or bad? I feel like if we do she might get comfortable and it might become a friends with benefits type lf thing. Or is it a good idea? Also how long should I wait before I ask her to be my gf? How many dates or how much time? I want to build a healthy and strong relationship with her. Thank you