How do I get him to commit

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Anna asked 6 months ago

So here’s the thing. I met this amazing guy through out mutual friends. We talked all night and added each other on social media and talked non stop. A few days passed and our friends were going for drinks so we met up again. Everyone left early so we were the last ones to leave and we got pretty drunk. He ended up coming home with me. It was a great night and we both woke up the next morning happy to see the other and immediately talked about what we want to do. He fell out of love in his last relationship and ended it just over a month ago. I had a perfect relationship with my ex which ended super suddenly and left me completely destroyed. This was just under 4 months ago. So we both agreed to just get to know each other a bit more, have a casual relatioship for now until we’re both 100% ready and see where it goes from there. We were a thing for just over 2 weeks and he stayed at mine a few times. Sex was still on the table even though it was just casual. Then one day he started being really dry with me and barely responded to my messages. I asked him directly if there was something wrong and if me and him were ok. He said he doesn’t want to rush because he realised he doesn’t want a relationship. Safe to say I was heartbroken as I really fell for this guys. I asked if it was something I did and if he wants anything to do with me as I still wanna get to know him cuz he seems like a great guy. He just wants to be friends and keeps saying it’s nothing to do with me as he still likes me just knows that I want to commit and he wants to experience the single life for a while again. I told him I’m not sure if it would be a fair friendship because I really like him so this friendship would consist of me trying to get him back which just wouldn’t be fair.
So my problem is that I don’t know what to do anymore. It’s only been a few weeks since I met him but I really like him and we get on well, we have amazing chemistry so I don’t want to lose him. I think he’s worth waiting for but I don’t know if him saying he’s not ready to commit is just his way of saying he got bored of me. He said that it might take a while before he’s ready and he doesn’t know if I’ll still be occupying his mind then or if it’ll be someone else cuz a lot can happen into that time. 
Please help me.