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Heather asked 3 years ago

I need some help. I’ve read through make him want you, how to talk to men, and the various additions you’ve recommended. I’ve applied these things to a man I’ve recently started dating (3 dates) and the response from him was amazing! Everything seemed to be working just as you said it would! We’ve talked earlier on this week about setting up a date for this weekend but as he has family commitments this weekend, he was going to let me know closer-to when he could get together. After talking every day and getting texts from him from good morning to good night things suddenly changed. He didn’t respond for most the day. Then, the next day, although he always texted me good morning etc. first, I just sent a quick good morning message and left it. I still haven’t heard back and it’s now the next day and it’s killing me! I really like this man and I don’t know what or where I went wrong! I know to give him space but you also said to tug at his need to be a hero. Do I ask for help from him? Do I say nothing and go crazy? What should I do?! How can I draw him back in?! Please help!!

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Tabitha Pratt answered 3 years ago

It appears that my first answer did not save so, here are the cliff notes below.
This is a great time for you to practice cultivating patience. Freedom is very important to a masculine male, so you want to make sure that he is ” feeling” as manly as possible around you. ‘ Giving’ a guy space literally means allowing our own fears and insecurities to burn up inside of us while he is off on his own, we don’t want to desperately reAch out in an effort to simply make ourselves feel better. The truth is that he has not offered you anything concrete and really owes you nothing at this point. Hopefully, he will handle it maturely either way.
Sit back and relax, worse case scenario,  he could take up to 4-8 weeks to contact you. Your job is to lean back and enjoy yourself. Literally, ENJOY yourself and your life!  
You have done nothing wrong, except initiating the ” Good morning” text to him. High value women have plenty of men to chose from and don’t desperately cling when feeling a guy’s distance. There are many reasons for the rubberband effect in males, it’s best to allow this ebb and flow, especially in the beginning stages.
Keep in mind that Males typically tackle one thing at a time ( whereas females are more built to multitask and are more relational) and their mission generally come first. We don’t really know what he is doing in the interim. Try to make up the coolest story that makes you feel good!
You will make it through this, I promise!