How do i end silent treatment from him!

Relationship Questions and AdviceHow do i end silent treatment from him!
Brynn Rumsey asked 1 year ago

Iv said sorry asked for for giveness I can\’t let go or say good bye he won\’t block on Facebook messenger but I\’m too nervous to block him in fears loosing him forever even tho we fought 7 moths ago which I don\’t rember I was drunk…but he won\’t tell me what I said we dated over a year…etc…he told me 2months ago it was over when he said it had been over since September.why wait that long….he knew fro! Day one what we were we and what I was about I don\’t know I think hr can\’t handle he just turned 50…idk I try and reach out
P.s first man I have been w who never emotional beat me up or physically… I accepted my wrongs I need advice big time I can\’t let it go….360-337-0698 leave info I will get back thanks Brynn.(bri–n)