how do i break up with my depressed girlfriend

Relationship Questions and AdviceCategory: General Dating Questionhow do i break up with my depressed girlfriend
alison asked 1 year ago

-she\’s depressed, wont accept help, wont go to therapy 

-she\’s overly jealous, and may god help me if I dare to make new friends 

-when I make new friends she tells me I don\’t care about her, and I dont want to be with her because I now have other people 

-I cant let her think that because she gets too depressed but wont believe me either 

-she has had a suicide attempt, and it was because of me, she was too depressed over something I did,(that being going with my guy best friend, and two other guys in a 1 hour drive while we were broken up)and for the pas 6 months, I have been trying to make things better, but she always keeps mentioning those things, and wont ever move past that, and I understand her concern, but she thinks its that I didnt care about her, and I screwed her over for doing that 

-whenever I try to break up, she always keeps texting me, telling me I never cared about her, and caling me \’whore\’ \’slut\’ and that the only reason I stayed with her was bc I needed her, and whatever bad thing she could think of of me 

-see, I find it impossible to break up, while we\’re fighting, she starts burdening me with \’i should have killed myself when I had the chance\’ 

i really really care about her, i am losing my insanity because of her, i only wrote some of the things, but there are sooo many more things happening, i just thought if it was any longer people would be too lazy to read, and i really really need help. I know she loves me and cares about me, and i love her to death, that\’s why im still with her, i care for her too much, i dont want her to be depressed, but she\’s making me depressed, but i find it too selfish to leave for my own needs, i made her depressed, i cant leave for trying to save my own self, but i dont know what to do.