how can I win my ex back when he has blocked me everywhere?

Relationship Questions and AdviceCategory: Get My Ex Backhow can I win my ex back when he has blocked me everywhere?
Jill asked 11 months ago

My bf and I had a fight on his birthday and he just got so mad, he left and then he texted me so angry that he was done with me, that he wants nothing to do with me or my plans, that this relationship is over.  It was awful, I can’t even re-read the texts bc it hurts to much to see it in writing.  We have had these fights before and ultimately got back together.  However, this time, he has blocked me everywhere.  My cell, my house phone, my texts, even the *67 # he has blocked so that I cannot reach him from a withheld # and he will never get a single message from me.  I believe he has also blocked my email.  How can I even try to get him back if I have absolutely no line of contact?  We never got into social media much so we don’t follow each other there so I can’t reach him that way either.  We have been together 14 years.  I know that he is mad at me because I have put off moving forward with my plans which he feels held his plans up.  Please help me.  I really want him back.  I love him very much.  Is it hopeless?  Also, I don’t know any of his friends so there is no way to get to him through friends and he said if I come over to his house, he will call the police and put a restraining order on me.  He is a bit extreme, he makes these threats when he is angry.  But, as I said, normally his anger wears off.  Since he has blocked me everywhere, I don’t see how there is any chance of fixing this.  Normally I call and text and email til he cools off and answers the phone.  I can’t call, text or email.  How can I fix this?