He\’s pushing me away,what should I do?

Relationship Questions and AdviceCategory: General Dating QuestionHe\’s pushing me away,what should I do?
Candice asked 11 months ago

We talked for a few months,went on a date.He was excited to see me then he stopped.A close friend told me some girl got him drunk and they hooked up now hes kinda taken.He\’s avoiding me,i tried to talk to him,just to tell me what is going on,like I deserve to know and all he said was that he doesn\’t know what he wants.
I wanted to put an end on this,i just needed him to talk to me,to hear that from him.
He\’s doing things to push me away,talk to people that he knows that are toxic for me and i don\’t like these people around me I guess just to push me away.
He\’s not saying hi or bye,he\’s just really quiet sometimes.Ignoring me most of the time,and sometimes i\’d catch him looking at me.
It\’s crazy that I wanted to go really far if we ever had second date,but he doesn\’t know about that,i mean should I still talk to him even if he\’s pushing me away,should i still tell him what i wanted on our second date?
He talks about me with his friend,but avoiding me.
He was treating me so nice for months and he was always kind with me.I felt at the right place with him,and he felt like home.
What should I do?