He's Always So Busy

Alyx asked 2 years ago

The guy that I have a crush on has been really busy lately. About a month and half ago he was willing to spend time with me and we were laughing, smiling, just enjoying each other’s company, and getting to know each other (we meet about 2 1/2 months ago). I told him,in a note that I gave him then left, that I like him and asking if he has any kind of feelings for me about a month ago. We were still talking like normal after not seeing each other for a week. Then two weeks ago we got on to that subject and I said in person that I like him and we were talking about other things and we said some compliments to each other. He said, though, that he’s too busy with a lot of different stuff (we’re both in college) and he doesn’t have the time or energy “to do that” (referring to dating). I get the feeling, looking back on all the time we’ve spent together and even now, that he has feelings for me but I don’t know for sure. How do I know for sure if he likes me? Most importantly how do I get him to hang out like we use to 1 1/2 months ago? (He didn’t get that much work put onto him from then, not that I know of anyway) I can tell that he was happy and enjoying our time together. It seems like he’s getting overwhelmed with a lot and when we see each other around on campus he seems a little happier.

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Tabitha Pratt answered 2 years ago

Here’s what changed; the relationship went from light and fun to a burden to him! Yikes! How did that happen??
Are you a burden? Certainly not! Although  to him, right now, dating may feel like added pressure. You must respect the fact that he knows what is best for his life. Feelings are more challenging for a guy to process and he might not want to put the effort into pursuing you right know. The very best thing to do in your situation is to let him know that you respect and support his decision and if he ever decides that he wants more than you are open for dates. Keep everything light, playful and fun! 

You will know that he likes you when he either tells you or begins pursuing you big time. Trust.