Help me save my relationship

Christian asked 12 months ago

So me and my ex was together for about 3 years and went through a lot together, high school, moving, distance relationship and living together. After I moved back home and stopped our distance relationship things were not the same dialogue wise. We only had our phone and text to talk with so moving back and being together all the time was weird. We never really got back to good dialogue after that. I notice that and over the next year and a half I was a lacking boyfriend to say the least. Wasn\’t holding her hand, we gradually stopped having sex and most couple things. She wanted a future with me, and I was scared of commitment and said that anything could happen. We moved for the second time a couple of months ago. After the first month we had a casual talk about not acting like a couple but more as friends and she said she had been gradually losing feelings for half a year. We agreed at that time to break up, but after a day or two I started to regret it. I tried to think positive and not let it get to me. But now, 1,5 months later and I can\’t shake the feeling. I messed up, big time. I regret all of my decisions. I was a kind boyfriend never cheated, but lacked the verbal connection. I want her more than ever. I have completely turned around and have taken responsibility. I was clothes, take the trash out, do the dishes and is not reliant on her. She says she is impressed and does not recognize me. However, when talking about getting back together she says she wants to, and if she could she would, but her feelings are gone, and she wants it to work but feels no spark and feels uncomfortable kissing me and does not want to be intimate. I understand this, and respect it. But I love her, I want to fight for us, I mean with a 100% honesty that she is the girl I want to marry. This is the last chance and she knows that if she settles with a no, I am gone forever, no contact. So my question is, how am I suppose to get that spark back without doing anything intimate to make her uncomfortable. This is all I can think about, and she has no idea either, but has agreed to try, but what are we to do. I am forcing her to speak with me about what she is thinking, because we need dialogue, but she says there is only a little hope that she can get them back because she is so used to relating me with disappointment and rejection. I promise, I will never ever threat her that way ever again. I needed this eyeopener and I am a better man for it. But time is running out, I need something we can work for to rekindle the flame. FYI neither of us have been unfaithful or slept with anyone since the breakup.

Thanks in advance