Help me get my boyfriend back

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CAt asked 6 months ago

hi, i need help! I want to talk to my ex again. But hes in a new relationship! I dont know what to do any more! I miss him soo muc! and i would love to send him all those cool fun messages you send on my mails! but i cannot beacuse hes in another realtionship! Please help me! wha do i have to do? I have tried soo many times to get back with him! I feel horrible knowing that he having soo much fun and consturctig a new life with this other woman in his life! I feel left behind and its been 2 years i whish i could be bulidinng a solid life with him and having him clos eto me every night! I miss him soo much. My life is fine but i want him back in my life.