He stoped everything.

Kimberly asked 3 years ago

We were together for a year. He wanted a relationship as all.  All was going fantastic. Never argued. Got along exceptionally well.  Same things in common. Laughed , talked, shared.. we are both in our late 40’s so I thought this was it.  He gave no signs of disappointment or being unhappy. Always loving and his eyes were sincere.  Then it’s as though he woke up one morning and decided to never talk to me again or contact me.  As though he decided to hate me instead of love me anymore. this was a year and half ago.  I still have to see him because he’s affiliated with my daughters sport for HS for another year… we had to keep it a secret because of this until she graduated then we discussed being together afterwards.    I’m so confused and hurt. Thoughts on this would be helpful. Thank you 

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Tabitha Pratt answered 3 years ago

HI Kimberly!
How could this have been a relationship if you two did not tell your daughter or anyone else? This sounds a bit shady to me as if it was being hidden and I can imagine how hurt and confused that must make you feel. While his mouth said one thing, his actions seemed not to follow. Watch a males ACTIONS (as opposed to their words only) as they only fall in love with a woman when they are investing and giving to her.
The best thing that you can do now is follow your happy! Go out with anyone who asks you (it helps your self esteem) and do not chase this guy at all. It’s a mental battle now, you have to retrain your brain to not think about him all of the time and obsess over him. This is the first step towards loving yourself more!
I love you so much sugar and you are valuable!