Relationship Questions and AdviceCategory: Make Him Fall in LoveHe seems to have lost desires to want me as his girl
Pashibelle asked 3 years ago

So I met this guy thru a friend, he asked my number and we started txtin/calling. 3days later he invited me out. We went to a restaurant, and from there decided to watch a movie in room, same hotel the restau’ was. We actually didn’t watch a movie, we kissed so passionately he wanted to have sex, but we didn’t, although he undressed me. Then I realized as we were leaving that I’d forgotten my purse at the restau’. That literally ruined the night, I was just pissed and felt irresponsible and foolish, more for the fact that I let him undress me on our 1st date; I knew I’d lost him, although I so badly wanted him cuz He’s just my type of man;_Conversation decreased. A sec time we had to meet and still I ruined it, I was too nervous and he cld perceive it. I decided to back off and stop txtin him, to put myslf together, because I realized I get nervous beside him cuz I like him and moreover that hekind of valued me less, cuz it wasn’t the same as when we just met and he was eager to have a date with me. It’s been 3months and now he is the one who txts me more often, but we haven’t seen each other. Now I’m asking myself if I should invite him to hangout cuz he seems to be scared to invite me. But at the same time don’t wanna make a mistake and ruin a 3rd date, cuz really don’t wanna lose him; Don’t even know if he’s in a relationship now, but I care less. What do I do? Do we just keep on texting forever? Cuz I want him.. 

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Tabitha Pratt answered 3 years ago

Hello Pashibelle!
Isn’t it crazy how the guys who makes us nervous the most will actually cause us to forget our self-respect and self-value. You know what is awesome though? You must really like this man.  🙂
Here is the low down on males; they like a challenge and if they have to put little effort and investment in an ” easy” girl, they will slowly lose interest. Males also have a different brain than females; they compartmentalizations everything. You are risking being placed into the hook up girl category, and your senses are correct when you realized that you may have lowered your value in his eyes. There is hope! You can raise your value again! How? No initiating! No texting! No invitation to hang out! Do something that makes you happy and stay open to dating other men who interest you. Make sure that these men offer you REAL DATES. No hotel rooms, no going to his or your place, etc.
Here is my experience of females, we tend to slip easily into seduction mode when we like someone and want to ” seal the deal”. Unfortunately, most guys will not respect nor cherish this behavior from us and they will actually pick up on this manipulation ( subconsciously). Few men can refuse a naked women in front of him but, I promise you, men DO NOT fall in love with a girl after having sex with her.
You are on the right track lovely one.
No initiating. Respond and receive only. 
Good luck! I believe in you!