Relationship Questions and AdviceCategory: Commitmenthe says no relationship friends with benefits but showing me more.
susan storrs asked 2 years ago

i have known this guy for a year know. i work with him in a food store in different departments. we openly talk to each other. all of his relationships have been bad. his dad died at a young age. him and his siblings were raised by his mom. from the day i met him the chemistry has been there. he is kind giving flirty sexy. his actions show more when were together than he speaks. he took me away for my birthday for 2 days he payed for it all. we are going on a trip soon because he says he wants to get away with me he likes talking to me.we always laugh together all the time. he makes me smile. he knows what to say when i’m down. he knows what to say at the right time and moment. he knows how to please me as in sex and it is about me. not so much him. i’m trying to only be in the moment when were together. i’m trying not to be needy by pulling back. when i don’t talk to him. i know in my soul what’s going on with him. like had not spoken to him in a week. i new something was wrong on monday. i seen him yesterday he was limping he hurt himself. what should i do walk away. stick with him.