Relationship Questions and AdviceCategory: Get My Ex Backhe never really was an ex… we had a serious attraction for quite sometime, and than took off for a weekend and returned still digging eachother.. Than absence happened due to I couldnt get away but once every two weeks for a weekend. he went out with a friend out on the townand met another. I knew he did by the time in his voice and the change of words in his texts, so I called it off.. but now I don't know if I should of called it off or fought to work at the relationship.. what to do? I've tried to teach him several times and he will not respond at all.. Is he pissed or just glad he met someone that can spend more time with him? either way how would I make him look my way again? n't
Anonymous asked 4 years ago
yacat1980 replied 4 years ago

Im just i wont to know how men don’t have time a women i need her attention but his always he usk im buzy