He made me confused a lot.

maviebelle asked 1 year ago

I had a class mate last year but it is even difficult to say even we were friends. Some times later ı started to feel he tried to be closer to me and ı started to loving him. He sent me a voice message from messenger, he was drunk and ı didn’t get what he is saying. And ı did not answer the message. ıbehaved as ı ignored him because ı wasnt sure. And he cut comminication with me. In summer holiday, he was complimenting my sapchat stories Now we are living in different countries. To weeks ago he replied again my snapchat selfie with a heart emoji and ask me if ı have boyfriend. Then he told me ı am coming to your country ( not for me) and we will meet probably. Yesterday he replied ı want to kiss to my story again. After one year and when we are not even friends, why he is behaving like that? Pls help