He lives with his ex

Sarah asked 9 months ago

The last three guys I fell for, I found out after going on a date that they live with their ex.  First one was easy to move on because he said he can\\\’t get rid of her because he put her on the lease and she refuses to move on.  Second one said he does it because his daughter has cancer and it\\\’s easier for her.  He says wants she finishes her class on medical billing she will need to find another place.  We enjoy everything together, but no idea when she will move out.  3rd guy told me he broke up with ex because she took advatage of his generosity.  He is working on finishing a house he bought to flip and is very busy during the day.  I then found him to be engaged on Facebook.  I comfronted him and he said that he is trying to be the nice guy in making sure he breaks up with her and makes her moving out as painless as possible. He says the house is in his name and she will have to move and that he also wants to make sure everything he paid for is in his name.  He assures me everything will be done by March 1st.  He is very busy and sends me pics, but I\\\’m not sure if I should continue to wait another 3 weeks as or continue plans to buy a house before the market is back to a sellers market or not.