He is my weakness please help!

Relationship Questions and AdviceCategory: CommitmentHe is my weakness please help!
Anonymous asked 1 year ago

Is he scared of being in a relationship with me because I am not his usual tipe ? We are friends who see each other every day for the last few months, we usually had a close friend who did everything with us but somehow we started spending less time with her and doing stuff on our own. We are very comfortable with each other, he is the one who calls me every day asking when am I coming around or if he can come to me. As friends when we go out we usually end up sleeping at my place afterwards in one bed never Wil he try to cuddle or some other source of body contact immediately, he will maybe move his leg closer to mine after a while and then he waits for me to move mine closer, normally we end up close to each other after an hour of slowly moving closer, he likes​ holding my Hands on his chest. We have never slept together in a sexual way but we did try some other stuff ect… Things have never been weird between us, he invites me to family events, he looks at me while I drive thinking I can’t see him, when we were 3 friends and he sat in the back of my car he would stare at me via the mirror asif he has something to say. He admitted that somedays when we get together early in the day and split again he would start missing me or wishes I was there? If I have plans for the day and can only see him later he would be weird for the first few minutes asif he is upset about something. His tipe of girl is normally the pretty prom Queen skinny, does make up every day ect… Me on the other hand, I am kind of chubby with a far from perfect skin, in clothing that are comfortable and not always sexy nearly never wears makeup. We never talk on text he calls me to ask when we will be seeing each other and that is that. But in person we can’t stop talking, we make jokes together even cry sometimes. A few weeks ago he asked me to accompany him to his friends party he introduced me as his friend ect.. and later that night when his one friend approached me and started talking, from across the table he only looked at me and then away again, but when his friend touched me in a friendly manner while telling me a story suddenly looked ate me then he clenched down on his teeth and took a few deep breaths while staring me in the eyes, then he looks away again? If we go out for a couple of drink he would sometime say stuff like we should talk or can’t go on this way, most of the time he forgets about it in the morning or he doesn’t know how to tell me what he feels when sober ? I don’t know what to do anymore my parents say he is like a drug to me because I usually drop everything I am busy with to see him or something related.