He has disappeared:( PLEASE HELP!

Christy asked 2 years ago

I have been so confused! I was dating a guy this past summer, but he wouldn\’t commit. When he saw me out with another guy, he got really angry. Long story short, we hung out two times after that and now I haven\’t seen him in 2 months. I had sent him a birthday card a week after the last time we hung out and also texted him telling him Happy Birthday and asked if he was doing anything. He said he was sick that weekend. Another 2 weeks went by and I asked him if he didn\’t want to be friends anymore or had found someone else. He said he wasn\’t with anyone else and that we would hang out that week. I never heard from him. I asked an acquaintance of his if he had seen him and he said yes that he had a new woman at the place he goes to hang out. I probably shouldn\’t had, but texted him and told him \”good luck.\” He denied having a girlfriend and said it was only a date. I told him: \”It would mean a lot to me to see you happy, so I hope you find it.\” He then initiated texting the next morning telling me how he had been sick. So, I waited 3 more weeks and felt something was wrong and when I texted, he called me saying he had a mild heart attack and has cancer. He said he would keep me posted, but it has been going on 3 weeks now. Should I  just let it be and wait for him to contact me?? Do you think he will be back? I have been talking to two other guys and been on 2 dates with one of them. BUT, I still love the guy I hope to hear from again! Any advice is greatly appreciated!