Girfriend is more experienced than me why am I being insecure

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John asked 7 months ago

First I would like to say that my English and grammar are horrible so my post might be a rough read. My apologies. The point of me sharing this is because at times I have some thoughts such as, is this the right relationship, what am I being insecure about, it’s in the past, she’s not the same person any more. I guess I’m looking to see what someone else from the outside would think of my current relationship of six months. Or maybe I’m just being a big baby and I need someone to point it out.
                So I would like to give a background on my significant other to better paint a picture and a brief background on me. My significant other and I are the same age mid 30’s. She had a wild past back in her early 20’s to late 20’s one of her major problems was drinking she would drink to the point of blacking out multiple times a week. I do have to mention that alcoholism does run in her family.
In her drunken adventures she would wonder around the city stumbling sleeping where she could. Or she would end up staying with some strange man she stumbled upon during her drunk walks. There were several times she said, “I would wake up with a dick in face”. Most of the people she met during her drunken days were nothing serious so she says. And I’ll give more examples to which I guess I’m having a hard time letting go of or understanding.
 When she was 20ish while going to college she had a crush on a guy that was 10 plus years older than she was. So she went to a party with the older guy and started drinking the older guy naturally took her elsewhere to pursue sexually. In her story she said, “I was drinking a little too much and then I’m blowing the guy then somehow two other guys were involved”. So she blew all three guys and the older guy decided to video tape the escapade which she says she had no idea till it was over. So now there is a video somewhere on the internet of my signification other blowing three guys. After this she some short lived relationships none serious but to her credit she was young and drunk and learning.
Her next kind of relationship she had was with a woman she worked with around her mid 20’s. Her and her coworker would travel for work and every time they traveled together for work they shared a hotel room. And every time they met they hooked up multiple times I’m not sure on the number of times because I didn’t ask. The next relationship she had that had any significance was in her mid 20’s, still drinking. She met a woman and had a relationship with her for two years. So this was her first long term relationship she had as an adult that was not just a drunk encounter. During this time she did have threesomes with her girlfriend and other women. Present day when she told me about this she says that this encounter was when she was drunk and that she no longer likes women and has no desire to be with women. And her reasoning for being with her girlfriend was because she was in a rut financially so she found it easy to stay with her because she was providing. Her deciding to stay with the girlfriend because of money does trouble me a bit. After that she has had threesomes with a couple she knew and drank with. And she’s had a few one to two month relationships with males but nothing really long term.
Then in her late 20’s she became sober which I’m very proud of her it’s not an easy journey being sober. After being sober she met her now ex-husband he was 15-20 years older, I don’t recall the exact number. So this is now her second long term relationship she’s had they were together around 5 years total. The marriage didn’t work out because he had a horrible gambling addiction and was essentially living a double life lying and stealing from her and so on. After that marriage she did take a break from dating as any would after being lied to for years. After she decided to start dating again in her mid 30’s she dated a guy for about six months. They broke up because he had way too much going on in his life and did not like to communicate. And now I will give a brief history of my past.
My past is not the greatest either I did struggle with alcohol and depression though my early to mid 20’s. I was married for 4years and dated for two years with my now ex-wife. This relationship ended because we got married too young and we didn’t agree on when to have kids. I just didn’t see the rush in doing so and I think we both had a different future in mind after 4year of marriage which ended in 2012.  My next relationship was about a year after my divorce this new relationship was about six months I was about 31 years old. It was great so I thought she ended up cheating on me while traveling for work we both worked for the same company a coworker was the one that told me. Her reasoning was she was not happy with me I was too much of a homebody and she wanted a taller man, I’m 5’6 and the guy she cheated on me was well over 6feet. After that I dated here and there nothing serious. Nothing really wild sex wise or threesomes or any of that. After the cheating girlfriend I hooked up with a lady that pretty much tough me a lot about sex. She was into bondage, guys and girls, using strapons on guys and girls. She did want to guys to fuck her but I just didn’t want to have sex with her and some other guy. That just doesn’t seem appealing to me even if I were drunk. So I’ve had my sexual encounters but they seem pretty vanilla.
Later I was around 32 or 33 I met this woman who was 8 years older than me we clicked we dated for about 1 year and a half. We talked about futures together and so on how she was open to having a child and everything was really good we were both happy. But somewhere towards the end of the relationship she said she was no longer open to having a child she just couldn’t see herself having another kid at the age of 39. So we talked about it tried to meet in the middle but in the end she didn’t want the life we talked about. After this relationship I took almost a year off again from dating I was just at a loss on what I’m doing wrong or why I’m going after the wrong women.
So present day my now significant other have been together six months and she has told me all her past slowly. I suppose my insecurities are that she has had a wild and experienced past. This woman is very sexual she knows what she likes in bed she can orgasm multiple times and have sex basically every day. Did I mention she’s 4 inches taller than me so I wonder if I’m enough for her sexually and kinky enough. And at the moment I have had to go on hormone replacement therapy so I’m not as sexual as I was until I can get my hormones in check. She has stated she is ok with me being shorter and she understands that I’m not as horny because my hormones and it’s only temporary. She said she loves me and I love her so I’m not sure why I’m so hung up on her past and why I have a hard time believing this woman likes me.