Fwb my ass!

Tina Queen asked 3 years ago

We agreed to do a friends with benefits but I feel both of us think there’s more to it he’s giving me his grandma’s hutches tells me he wants to see only one friend with benefit at a time Cooks me dinner or ask me to spend weekends with him and then ghosts when he feels it’s getting too intense he’s a Capricorn and I’m an Aries and sometimes acts like a 10 year old what do I do

1 Answers
Tabitha Pratt answered 3 years ago

Whether you are a Capricorn and Aries or Scorpio and Piscies, FWB is a bad deal for the female. EVERYTIME. 
He will ghost because he doesn’t want to be responsible for your feelings. If you are allowing him to treat you like one of the guys (casual sex with no strings), then he will treat you like a dude. There is zero investment on his side.
Here’s my question to you; Are you OK with being a FWB? If not, and you seem to imply that you want or believe there is more, then stop having sex with him and allow the “more” to unfold through a dating and/or courtship process. 
Masculine males do not bond through sex, they bond through commitment, and you two have none.