Hannah asked 1 year ago

Ok so I have this guy best friend and we’ve been very close for about a year now. I’m not gonna lie he is attractive but he’s also a major jerk. He has a girlfiriend and in the past year he has already cheated on her more than twice. And not the fling cheating kind, the “over a long period of time/ I would leave my girlfriend for you type”. And I know a lot of stories about his past so i would never want to be in a relationship with him, but as friends he’s a great guy. Now recently we had a very big fight because I violated his trust by telling (now it gets kinda comlicated) my friend A, whit whom my friend has cheated on his girlfriend with, that she wasn’t his first side chick. Thats not even that important, point is i messed up. And he was soooo dissapointed in me an we didn’t talk for about 2 week. I didn’t initate any concate because he told me to leave him alone. But after those 2 weeks of not speaking (spring break) he came up to me and told me again how dissaponted he is but also that he does definetly want to stay friends and also that he really cares for me and so on. Now we’re really close again and it’s all good.Like I already said its not that important what is important however was that in this time i kind of realized that i have a kind of crush on him. And like i said i would never want to be in a relationship with him because we go to school together and because of the way he treats girls (other than me).    So the thing is that he is a VERY sexual person, i mean im pretty sure i could sue him for sexual herrasement but with him you just have not take it too serious. He’s also told me that he would have sex with me. Nlt that he wants to but that in another time/life wathever he would. One time when we met up to get drinks we made a bet and lol i lost and so the thing i had to do was kiss im specifically kn the mouth. I mean i didn’t do it of course but he keeps reminding me about it. Anywas i know that i can’t take these things too seriously that why we work as friend (other girls who are not interessted in im romantically do NOT like him at all). But lately i kind of feel like i have some sort of feelings and i think because he is very affectionate towards me it confuses me. Altough, we’ve talked about that he would never ever try to come on to be because we are too good of friends and he doesn’t want to lose me, an i feel the same way. Anyway i hope this was understandable. Do you have any tips on getting over my crush over wathever on him while still maintaining our friendship. And idealy without telling him about this whole thing?