Karin Allison asked 1 year ago

Hey Matt, I don’t have a question. I just wanted to be sure to tell you how important and eye-opening your videos are. Through listening to your explanations of how men’s minds work, I have realized how brutally I treated not one but two men who were interested in me. I was immature and not ready to date in general at the time, nor those two guys in particular, but due to some toxic attitudes towards male attention that I kind of downloaded from my mom as I grew up, I in hindsight realize that I pretty much mistreated those guys and I feel remorse. It didn’t help that the first guy was kind of intense in his pursuit (stalking me and getting drunk and showing up at my door) that scared me. I didn’t know how to handle it but I do know, and suspected at the time, that my cold rebuff was not a good way to handle and understand what he was trying to do. I never led him on but I feel more empathy now how despairing he was to not even be in the friend zone, let alone more. The second guy had the misfortune of me lumping him in with the previous guy and “all men” and I really hurt his heart. So I had my eyes opened through your videos on how I could’ve and should’ve responded better after interpreting things differently, especially the pursuit thing. Thank you.