failure to commit after a heart break

Relationship Questions and AdviceCategory: Commitmentfailure to commit after a heart break
wami asked 7 months ago

hie Matt, my name is Wami, iv been in an out of relationships. but currently im now dating a guy, who when we started he sounded like he wanted to have a family and gave me so much attention. he still gives that attention but the problem is he opened up to me, this other day, about how he was heartbroken by his girlfriend whom he dated for 7 years. however they broke up just before he was about to pay bridal price for her. now he says he does not believe in committing anymore, and i like this guy a lot. what should i do to make him this secure? and commit again. mind you I have not had sex with him yet, and this he opened up after he tried to, of which i refused him. he then started opening up saying he understood my reasons for not giving sex. what should i do then to make him see that im not there to hurt him, at the same time how do i avoid being a pushy woman?