Facing dad problems. Read to see what is going on. What should I do?

Relationship Questions and AdviceFacing dad problems. Read to see what is going on. What should I do?
Braden Hendrickson asked 2 years ago

First: My dad won\\\’t let me be Hindu. I\\\’ve believed in Hinduism for 10 months, 2 weeks at this point. He only lets me be Christian because it\\\’s the \\\”true religion\\\”. He claims to not discriminate against other religions but doesn\\\’t even let HIS OWN KID do so. In the middle of April, I said it was my 3 month anniversary of being Hindu, but he said he\\\’d take my phone if I ever said I was Hindu again. It doesn\\\’t even hurt anyone
Next: My dad won\\\’t let me get Devil May Cry. He claims just because it\\\’s M, and has violence, cursing, and sexual content means I\\\’m not ready, yet he\\\’s let me play Batman Arkham City at age 11, heard the \\\”B word\\\” in it a few times, but still never stopped me from doing that, then completely forgot about the cursing, I guess. I told him that violence and language don\\\’t affect me, but he doubts I\\\’m incorrect, for fear that it actually will. Yet, I\\\’ve listened to Kesha and Pitbull for a year, and David Guetta, Snoop Dogg and Lil Wayne for a little more than 2 months, and it still hasn\\\’t convinced him. Also, he lets me watch Family Guy and Simpsons. He\\\’s all like \\\”Yeah, well, they\\\’re allowed to show that on TV, they clearly would not let DMC be on TV.\\\”, yet he is not afraid to drink alcohol most days, & it has worse effects than soda, but is behind tobacco! At this point in my head, I\\\’m like \\\”Oh, so your not afraid to let your 3-year-old (my half-sister) listen to Kesha and watch Simpsons, but you are afraid to let me play Devil May Cry.
3rd (less of a problem than the others): So, it was a few days after my 8th-grade graduation, and so I was having a party, but my friends from school (Kaleb, Arnell, and Tyler) could not come over, but that was not the problem. The problem was, while my dad was setting up, my stepmom shows up to tell me, my dad says I can play whatever music I want on my party playlist, yet if I play Indian music, he\\\’s removing that privilege. Then I said \\\”What is so bad about Indian music? It doesn\\\’t even hurt anyone!\\\”, and then she\\\’s all like \\\”I don\\\’t know he just said that.\\\”. Yet, my dad enjoyed Delhi Safari (a 2012 animated movie from India on Netflix), so I had to remove the 1 Indian song from the playlist before the party even started, just to have that party.