Karen Gambino asked 2 years ago

I was in a mentally abusive marriage that I knew was over years before I left but kept trying to give it another chance. I met a guy who said all the right things and gave me courage to leave my husband. Months later I was in a situation where I was going to be homeless. My new guy, against both are better judgements, offered me to move in so I can save up to get my own place. We shared a bed and were occasionally intimate. After a few months he asked me to stay. He is kind of a loner and I was insecure. Long story short, I snooped on him and saw some nessages to other women. He said they were set ups to see if I was snooping. After 2 yrs, he broke up with me but we still live together because I can”t afford to live on my own . I know the mistakes I made. I Love this man with all ny heart and I believe he still loves me He says that he should be alone and never have anyone in his life. How do I win him back?.