Doesn’t want a relationship

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curious. asked 1 year ago

So i met a really wonderful man in who is ten years older than myself on a dating app. We went on really great dates, stayed up all night talking etc and there was expectation of sex so it didn’t happen. Then after the fourth date he hits me with ‘i’m not wanting a relationship, i’m enjoying single life but i still want to date you’, he allowed me a decision and I decided that I’d continue to go on dates with him. Four months down the line we are still going on dates, we don’t have any contact between dates other than arranging the next one. We had a really lovely evening together recently, made dinner, relaxed, had wine and really lengthy discussions in which we both opened up and shared parts of ourselves, he then spent the night. Then he all of a sudden goes guarded again and panicked about it turning into a relationship, he then reinforced he doesn’t want one and I’m happy with that, I just like being with him. my question is does he actually not want a relationship or is it the fact that he is so guarded and doesn’t want to open up to even the possibility of a relationship due to getting hurt so much in the past?? I’m so confused by him.