Does he like me more than a friend?

Relationship Questions and AdviceCategory: Finding Mr. RightDoes he like me more than a friend?
Turquoise asked 1 year ago

1. We text everyday (it’s been a month)
2. He calls me baby and darling sometimes
3. He buys me chocolates when he visit me at work
4. He is honest about what he does
5. He is protective and caring
6. He takes iniative to visit me
7. When we are in a group, he doesn’t really talk
8. He calls me often, weekends video call
9. Even there’s no conversation, he just smiles and looks
10. His best friend teases me alot
11. He asks me his opinion about his looks
12. He said he cares for me 
13. He teases me 
14. He has open up about his problems
15. He keeps staring at me and adjusting my hair when we are alone together
16. He talks alot about his family