Difficult dating situation in a clinics

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Ingrid asked 2 months ago

I met a nice guy in a clinics, he was one of the physiotherapists in a responsible position. He began flirting with me, I flirted back. For six weeks we met up to five times per week, there was a lot of chemistry, there were these glances at each other, the smiles, the compliments, however, no real personal contact was possible (group sports and treatments, never time together alone, being unwatched etc.) I also know, the personal at that clinics was not allowed to get in touch with patients on a private level. Nonetheless, we made it to change a few words, he even initiated the talking and I had the impression he was interested. He didn’t seem to be a player.
A few weeks after I left that clinics I wrote him a nice short letter, how much I enjoyed his treatments, how they have helped me, I thanked him, wrote him a bit hilarious, a bit flirty, let him know I would like to hear from him again, maybe even better to once see him again and gave him my contact info (by the way: The clinics is 600 miles away from my home town). It’s six weeks now and I haven’t heard from him. I am actually giving up on him and take care of myself…
So, what do you think of this encounter? Why doesn’t he get in touch? Was he just cheering up his every day routine at work with a little flirting with a patient, knowing he was “safe”, because no private contact was possible? Is he simply not interested – for whatever reason?
Thank you so much for answering.