Did I lose Him?

pb asked 3 years ago

A friend of mine knows that I like him but he\’s been giving me the \’hot and cold\’ responses. I have not confessed my attractions for him and neither had he but he constantly stares and smiles at me. I catch him at times staring and turn away quickly….it\’s like an unspoken attraction or chemistry we have. His friends act silky when I enter the room or walk past them so I assume they know that I am attracted to him. This special friend of mine approaches me but never asks for my number nor time to spend together. I am not clingy nor needy and in fact I never appraisal have him when I am around him. I do act aloof and careless towards him but it\’s truly out of shyness. Well we spontaneously ended up working out together at the gym but here\’s the catch, there were two other guys with us and they basically surrounded me the whole time as my friend stood to the side showing off his abs and browsing his phone. I ended up giving some attention to 1 of the guys that may have come off as flirting. The next day I visited the gym , my friend was around yet he seemed distant. I saw him and we made eye contact as usual but this time he turned away quickly as to avoid me. His friends still stare at me but not with mean expression but maybe of curiosity. Have I messed up chances of winning my friend over romantically and if so, is there a fix?
PS. I am very attractive since I have many men to approach me in the gym and my friend and his friends witness this often.

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Tabitha Pratt answered 3 years ago

Hello pb!
It appears that you are giving off hot/cold vibes yourself. While being shy is cute and feminine, aloof and careless may not be the most attractive qualities when attempting to draw a guy closer to you.
Next time you see him, smile and maintain eye contact for at least 3-6 seconds. Look into his left eye. If he is available and wants you, this will signal him that you are interested. Watch some youtube videos on how to flirt in a feminine manner, and remember that he must be the one to speak first. So. keep that pretty little mouth shut until he talks! 
Good luck!