Did I lose Him?

Sherri asked 1 year ago

I have been out of the dating scene for ten years. I have only had three serious relationships and they were all bad. 
A guy from work and I started talking about dating about 7 mos ago and had our 1st date at 6 mos. It was great! We had lunch and talked. We had good eye contact and he gave me about 3 sincere hugs. I told him I appreciated him during one of those hugs. I told him later that day I enjoyed our date and thanked him. I got no thumbs up, smiley face or response. We almost had a 2nd date a wk later but at was early into the morning and he fell asleep. 
Wemessaged back and forth after that and at one point I asked him something like are we all good? I got no response. I got over anxious and asked him how do I know if you don’t tell me? I got no response again and my emotions went onto overdrive. I sent him a small string of texts saying things like I’m confused, etc. I got no response. I apologised for my string  of texts and asked him if we could take time out and work this out. I got no response. We have been very intimate throughout this whole time we’ve talked about dating. He asked how committed I wanted to be and I told him I want a growing, flourishing relationship with him. He said he was looking for something very long term if all goes good. He also said communication is 1 of 3 important things in a relationship, but that has stopped. Is there any hope of this working out? 
Please help! I’m going stir crazy!