Did he ask me out?

Anon asked 3 years ago

How do you clarify with a man if your not sure he asked you out? The causal do you wanna hang out? 

1 Answers
Tabitha Pratt answered 2 years ago

Did he say “do you want to “hang out”? If so, then these specific words might be a clue that he is desiring a casual hang out/hookup! Take a man at face value, they almost always say what they mean (no hidden meanings). If you are OK with casual, then go for it! Be a hang out buddy, drive over to his place, play Minecraft, BYOB, and maybe end the night with a hookup. If you don’t want to be treated as a friend and are interested in him romantically, then your response should be feminine and artful.
Guys should be offering to date you and take you out on real dates. By doing this, he is showing that he can provide and protect you, and that he is a masculine male. If offered a  ‘Netflix and Chill’ night, kindly decline with a “No, thank you”, and express to him that you are open and available for dates should he be interested. 
A F*** Buddy is the perfect companion for a Netflix and Chill Night, and once a female puts herself into that category, the male rarely moves her into girlfriend or wife material category. Decide which one you would rather be!
I love you sugar!