Elmore asked 3 years ago

I hear that desire is the key .We have amazing sex but no relationship.What can I say to him to keep me in the back of his mind when he is ready to commit without chasing him away?

1 Answers
Tabitha Pratt answered 3 years ago

Put plainly; You are being used.
I’m not sure why you are having sex with him, but having sex in hopes that he will commit is ALL WRONG. Commitment comes BEFORE sex and you must be the one to raise the bar on this one. Don’t blame him honey, for you have allowed him to come (literally) and go as much as he pleases. Each time a female orgasms with a male her oxytocin levels spike as she bonds to him more and more. Giving this guy sex without any type of commitment is a bad deal for YOU!!
Here is what you say; “I sold myself, and any chance of us having a solid relationship, short. I no longer feel good having sex with you and will be stopping immediately. If you are interested in dating me, I am open to that possibility.”
And then you have to do it!
Men fall in love with your virtue, not your vagina.