Confused and Upset

Ruth Johnson asked 3 months ago

 I’m 34 years old (divorced 2 years ago) and started dating again within the last year. I finally met someone who I truly was and am really interested in. He’s smart, funny and generally can see myself having a future with him. He too, is divorced (about 9 months ago). It’s obvious the divorce hit him really hard and may or not be over it, and I can absolutely relate. We’ve gone out several times and slept together for the first time last week. I generally do not have sex with men unless I’m in a relationship with them and maybe that’s simply my inexperience in the dating field, or simply being naive as I realize there’s no rules to dating. However, since then the communication has lessened and very brief conversation. I may just be paranoid, but I also am wise enough to know that we have no commitment, nor even close to that type of relationship talk. I also do not even know if it’s appropriate to bring up but I truly never thought I would ever even meet anyone again. Am I just a rebound and should I let this go?