Cathy asked 2 years ago

How do I get my guy to pay more attention to me?

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Tabitha Pratt answered 2 years ago

Men are visual! Let’s Begin with that!
Look good, smell good, taste good. Smile, relax, put your orientation in your hips and enjoy yourself. Ooze with sexuality and openness. Wear feminine clothing that is flattering. Colors are always a plus. Basically, you want to imagine a masculine male and do the complete opposite of him. If his walk is heavy and on purpose, you walk soft, light and meander.
Be carefree and youthful in attitude. Listen when he speaks. Have a sparkle in your eye. Keep it light and fun! Be playful.
Have so much fun that people can not stay away from you!
Males are mainly in their head, thinking. A feminine females “job” is to get the man out of his head and into his body. Use your body to entice him.
After the initial attraction, use your charm and virtue, high levels of respect and appreciation to keep him.