Can I get him interested again?

Alyx asked 2 years ago

Before this question I asked a couple of other questions under the title “Been getting confused”. I’m asking for a lot of help with this guy, Will, because there is something that’s different with him than all of the other guys that I’ve liked (I’m not obsessed with him, I just see him practically everyday, small campus, so it’s hard to not think about him). When we first met back in the middle of January we instantly had a connection and it’s hard for me to get an instant connection with a guy, and I (I’ve said this before) only thought of him as a friend first then I came to realize that I’ve developed feelings a month after we met.
I want to know, is it possible, with everything that has already happened, for him to get interested in me again (if he was interested in me in the first place)? I’m not completely sure if I’m going to be able to see him at all this summer (if I get the summer job that I applied for, it’s not here) and he is going to a different college in Alaska for a semester, so I, for sure, know we won’t see each other until next January. I guess I’m just afraid that he will forget me or find someone else and I know it’s no good to worry about it but I can’t help it but to worry about that. Is there anyway for me, other than backing off, to get him interested in me or at least not think about other girls in the time we have to spend apart from each other?