Can he really be scared of his feelings? Or am I?

Relationship Questions and AdviceCategory: Is He Right for Me?Can he really be scared of his feelings? Or am I?
Katrien asked 2 years ago

I’ve been seeing a guy for 10 months but I know him even longer. We only kissed and slept in the same bed (because I told him I don’t want to do more unless we have something more). The last couple of weeks, he is contacting me more often, asking to do things together. But still, he’s not sure. I have the feeling that he is scared. Not because he’s telling me, but because I noticed that he is insecure, he wants me to know that I’m important when he drank something (not too much), because he pulls away every time after he came closer and some other things. I know, a lot of people would say this is a red flag. The thing is, that I have problems with trusting people. Not in jealous kind of way, but because I’m scared to get hurt. So for me, the going slow is kind of the reason that I was able to fall for him.
My question: Can he really be scared, if so, how should I respond to this knowing that I’m scared. I have to add that this is a wonderful guy, and he makes me feel wonderful about myself..