Breakup and how to find the right one

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Malinda O’Neill asked 2 years ago

I read make him want you by Matthew Coast. I believe I deserve a good guy and that I deserve love. I had been dating this guy and I put myself out there. He had trouble expressing his emotions. We had great chemistry, friendship and he claimed to be passionate about me. I was trying to express feminine energy but he said I wasn’t putting as much effort as him. I tried more effort with the pillars of appreciation but he doesn’t feel that way about me and broke up with me. He said he is selfish and doesn’t want to put effort in anymore. How do I find the right type of guy? I’m tired of the wrong guy or not being able to connect emotionally. I am good alone but I am usually single and I want someone to share my life with! I need help in this area and don’t know what else to do.